Dean Barnard Conveying Youthful Spirit

Thursday 3rd May 2018

Our Partner, Dean Barnard, is a Private Client solicitor specialising in Residential Conveyancing, Wills, Powers of Attorney and Estate Administration here at Dee & Griffin. But, to Hucclecote YFC Under8s Football team, he, together with Steve McHugh and Jon Stillman, is so much more. With a passion for all things sporting, Dean is the proud coach of his son, Harrison’s, local football team. Having played for different teams across the county in his life from football to both rugby union and rugby league, Dean is now using all his experience to guide Hucclecote YFC Under 8s.


An opportunity arose to sponsor the team, which Dean was only too happy to accept. So, the team he now coaches wear the Dee & Griffin logo on their shirt and their pride on their sleeve. The Hucclecote YFC Under 6s also bear the logo of Dee & Griffin as Dean’s youngest son, Lucas, has followed in his brother’s footsteps and has started his footballing journey with Hucclecote YFC.

Having been coaching the Under 8s since they were formed in the Under 5s group, the team have stayed together for 3 years under Dean and fellow coach Adrian Harvey’s guidance.

Dean said: ‘‘Encouraging kids to be active and play sport is so important so it is great to be able to facilitate that as a coach and as a sponsor. We have enjoyed a fantastic season with the boys trying really hard and keeping me on my toes as coach!’’


With a strong knowledge of inheritance tax, residential conveyancing and powers of attorney, dealing with young footballers brings new challenges. Staying active and promoting that at a youth level is something Dean is zealous about. Having been made a Partner at Dee & Griffin from the tender age of 30 years old, his drive and determination will put Hucclecote YFC Under 8s in a strong position moving forwards.

Dean joined Dee & Griffin 12 years ago and, with our full support, thoroughly enjoys his second job at the weekends… sun, snow, rain or cold!

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