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Protecting your future assets on divorce.

Thursday 22nd March 2018

Consent Order – by Lesley-Anne Gunn, Dee and Griffin

Divorce is never a nice business and it is often a time of great stress and anxiety for all those it affects. Ultimately you will want matters finalised swiftly with the separation, so you can move on with your life, however rushing-on with the divorce without considering your financial position can lead to important considerations being overlooked.

There are 3 main, s aspects to consider when the marriage breaks-down;

1. Divorce; It sounds cold, but marriage is a contract, the divorce itself is an administrative process that releases you from this contract.

2. Consent Order; This is the financial settlement considering the parties assets and recording it legally.

3. Children (if applicable); Determine maintenance and contact/living arrangements.

For a happy, secure future for yourself and any children you may have, financial negotiations are vital to get right, if you don’t, you could end up paying for them in the future. Quite often clients over-look the importance of the financial order and believe as they have sold the family home, distributed and agreed on “who is having what” that this is sufficient, and do not fully consider the importance of having a consent order in place. Just what is a consent order you might ask? A consent order is a legally binding agreement produced by a solicitor and sealed/agreed by the Court, which brings the financial ties to an end and provides the parties with a “clean break”.

Picture this, you have won the lottery or received a large and unexpected inheritance, your life looks set to change fundamentally. Then, out of the blue, you receive a letter from your ex-spouse applying for half of your new-found fortune. Surely, they can’t be entitled to anything? The judge agreed your divorce and you have the paperwork to prove it, right? But did you both sign a consent order at the time of the divorce? Without a consent order providing that “clean break” to your finances your ex-spouse could well be entitled to half of your recent windfall and/or future assets.

Marriage is “till death us do part” or so we like to believe, but sometimes, real life doesn’t always work out as we hoped. Unfortunately, for the first time in a decade, accordingly to the Office for National Statistics, almost half of all marriages end in divorce, which is a sad but common occurrence. Often, when a marriage breaks down emotions are high, and logic and rationale can quickly disappear. You do not need to worry about this on your own, our friendly and experienced family law department can help you easily through the process of the main aspects of the divorce. With a variety of fixed fee packages starting from as little as £40 plus VAT, together with payment plan options, we can assist and help ease the financial burden of the divorce.

With over thirty years’ experience at our local Gloucestershire based offices, Dee and Griffin Solicitors offer a personal and friendly face to face service, with free parking at all three of our branches to ensure you don’t have unnecessary worry of where to park the car. We pride ourselves on an excellent reputation which is second to none and our aim is to leave all our clients happy and satisfied. Don’t just take our word for it call Lesley-Anne Gunn at Dee and Griffin today on 01242 240560 or email lesley-anne.gunn@deeandgriffin.co.uk for further information

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